Our Mk 1 C36 originally was called Merry Prankster but was changed in the early 1990s. Often when we are coming into a marina we hear other boaters singing the Billy Joel song to us. Unfortunately, we haven’t entertained Billy Joel, Elle McPherson or Christie Brinkley on the boat yet. Perhaps that’s because we live on Vancouver Island, not Long Island!

She was name by her previous owner. Stimm not sure if I want to change her name but this the definition -

a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher or other worker for study or travel, traditionally one year for every seven years worked.

"she's away on sabbatical"

I have thought about this for a while, to rename my boat, a boats name should have meaning and a story behind it.  Previously the boat was named Optimist and that name is only left on the starboard hull currently so I am about to do the de-naming ceremony soon with some Swedish branvin I found called Sailing. Neat little bottle it is tilted on the bottom so that the whole bottle heels when you put it down.

Godspeed is an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey.
It is also the name of an historic vessel. Godspeed, under Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, was the name of one of three ships that set sail for the New World in 1606. The journey resulted in the settling of Jamestown, VA.

Last summer every boat lover's dream came true for me after a Russian-Canadian firefly flitted into my life and stayed.


After a few surf trips to Costa Rica I fell in love with the country.  I had hoped to move there when I retired but my wife had other ideas.  So having sailed for 33 years and having owned a Cat 30 before, I figured my next option was to purchase the boat I had always wanted, and name her Pura Vida.  Which I did 2 years ago and have never looked back.  There is just no substitute for the relaxation of 5-6 hour sail on these boats.

When I retire, my Hobby Time will become my full time hobby! 

The admiral came up with the name.  Since I am an airline pilot she suggested AirFair since the boat needs fair air to sail her and air fare to pay for her.

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