I have thought about this for a while, to rename my boat, a boats name should have meaning and a story behind it.  Previously the boat was named Optimist and that name is only left on the starboard hull currently so I am about to do the de-naming ceremony soon with some Swedish branvin I found called Sailing. Neat little bottle it is tilted on the bottom so that the whole bottle heels when you put it down.

I come from an old province in Sweden known as Dalarna in Swedish.  I cant trace my roots there to the early 1500's when the churches in Sweden first starting keeping birth records.  Dalarna in English is DaleCarlia so I think it is an apt name for my boat as I am a DaleCarlian.  Does not sound bad either.

Peder Sahlin

Pompano Beach, FL
1983 - C36 Standard Rig / Wing Keel
Hull #103