Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the Catalina 36/375 International Association, the world's leading source of information on the Catalina C36 and C375 sailboats, manufactured by Catalina Yachts of Southern California and Largo, Florida. We are an organization of Catalina 36 and 375 owners and others interested in the most popular cruising sailing boats ever made. 

The Association has Members throughout the world, and more than a dozen fleets scattered throughout the US and Canada.

Viewing most of the content on this site is free to anyone. We have made viewing our rich owner-to-owner Forums accessible to everyone, but you must be a registered user to comment or ask questions. Viewing manuals and articles in our Technical Library, and other sections, and adding content to the site, is only available to members of the C36/375IA.

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