Boat Brochures

Courtesy Francois Desrochers
Alizes III, C375 #15
Ontario, Canada

The last brochure made for the C36.

Courtesy Roland Burns
Blithe Spirit #1762
Standish, ME

Courtesy Bruce Stanley
Sydney, Australia

Courtesy Gene Foraker
Gypsy Wagon #1786
Sandusky, OH

Attached is a 11-15-92 brochure, which shows hull number 1221. Our boat is hull number 1313, made in 1993, but a 1994 model. This exterior photo looks the same as the 1990 version, but the interior is of the Mk II. Gordon Stevens, Mystic #1313

This 1990 brochure shows one of the earlier hulls to have a walk-thru transom, yet it is still a MkI. I believe the gentleman on the inside page, at the helm, is Gerry Douglas, but I can't be certain. Sure does look like him! Tom Sokoloski, Julandra #659

I found this brochure in my stuff. It is not dated but by the looks of it the boat may be a 1986. Note the opening ports and white counter tops. Chuck & Linda Reed Silent Dream 1983 C36 Hull # 91

The enclosed brochure was found when cleaning out an old file. Hull #236 should be about 1984. It's interesting to note the curved traveler, only one cabin-top winch, one bow cleat, and the halyards at the mast. Tom Sokoloski, Julandra #659