Boat Name

When we acquired our first Catalina (a 270), we had a lengthy discussion, especially as our former second hand boat (a UK licence build Catalina 22) was called "Woezel". We never knew to what that name referred, nor did we alter the name. But... give the fact that our family name is Lof (which sounds a bit like 'Love'), and our sailing yacht is a "boat", the combination is surprisingly simple... Her name is "Lofboat". The kept the name, when we passed on to a Catalina 30 MkIII and lateron to Catalina 36 MkII.

During the celebration of my birthday with my soon to be bride she requested the restaurant pianist play her favorite Debussy piece. It soon became our song and a natural choice 18 years later for our first boat, C36 hull#2080.

- Mark and Clara Seger

I thought that it meant playful and mischievous, I was later told that it also meant a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel. Well, I am playful! - Michael Stuart

Abegweit is the aboriginal name for Prince Edward Island,Canada's smallest province and the place where I grew up. For many years the principal ferry to and from the island was named Abegweit and when she went out of service she was acquired by the Columbia Yacht Club in Chicago to serve as their headquarters. She is moored there today and they have kept the original name. They have also done a wonderful job of preserving her principal rooms and compartments.

My wife and I are cat lovers and sail with two Siamese cats. Sailor(male) @ Alberta (female) , we have taken them on boat trips for over 12 years now. When the boat heels they do a little "Cat Dance" to readjust their footing, hence the name. - Ron & Connie Zarriello

First for the 'sirens of the sea', which we Floridians call the manatees. Our 36 is fat, slow, and very friendly, just like the local manatees. Fat, compared to our last boat, a trailerable 23x8. Slow, is relative, as we had to have 5 feet chopped off the mast to fit under the local Northern Gulf Coast bridges. Friendly, as we're the largest boat of our family of friends and there for the party boat of any raft-up.

Our C36 is named ANNIQUE. My wife and I have two daughters. Annalies and Frederique. The first three letters of Annalies and the last four of Frederique give the name ANNIQUE. - Family Baas, Holland

My father, who developed his love of sailing as a midshipman at the Naval Academy, taught me how to sail when I was about 12 years old. Our family summer vacations were spent plying the waters of Puget Sound, the San Juans and the Canadian Gulf Islands on our home-built 31' trimaran. Dad's last boat that he owned, just a few years before he passed away, was a Catalina 34. Years later, when my wife and I purchased our Catalina 36, we struggled for months coming up with an appropriate name.

For us, our 2001 Catalina 36 (#1929) is the ideal boat (and we have owned about 15 or so - both power and sail - over the past 30 years.) Whenever we are aboard, we are relaxed, happy and content. And, we also happen to have three cats (actually, they have us...). So, given all of this, the name "Purrrfect" spelled with 3 R's.

- Bob Gauvreau

I am an ophthalmologist, and my wife an optician. Our last boat, "Reflection" had a name that dealt in the "optical realm." After purchasing our new 36 mkII this past winter, and while skiing (what we do when the boat is on the hard), we came across a trail named Illusion. We had found the perfect name for our boat- something optical and a favorite trail at the mountain we ski at.

- Elwin Schwartz