Boat Name

During a sailing trip in our Newport 27, my 10 year old daughter enquired if we could actually name our next boat with anything we wanted. I said this would certainly be possible but it would have to reflect the whole family's views too.

As we were walking to a restaurant, I noticed she was quite quiet and just when I was about to ask her if she was OK - she said "Dad, I have it! I have figured a way to get the whole family involved with a name for that new boat you want - It should be JACK.

G. V. Black lived in the early 1900's and is generally acknowledged as being the 'father' of modern dentistry. He established many of the procedures and guidelines still inherent in today's philosophy of clinical practice. An interesting (?) note about our boat: When we met the painter that our dealer had recommended for painting our boat name, the dealer told the old guy (he was in his eighties) that he would never guess the significance of "G. V. Black". The old guy frowned and thought. He replied, "You know, my father was a dentist and I think that G.V.

"Anuqa" (pronounced Anooka) is an Inupiat-Eskimo word. When Eskimos in the 'old days hunting,' would feel signs of wind coming up, it meant a storm was coming and they had to build a shelter - the elder would look into the wind and speak to it by saying the word "Anuqa" - meaning "Aaaa, it's the wind" (i.e. showing respect for the wind and its power/authority over his simple life). - Dennis & Mary Stovall

My wife and I have been married for a bit more than 35 years. We began our life together in 1966. An award-winning movie, Dr. Zhivago, was playing in the theaters at that time and is still one of our favorites. It starred Omar Sharif and the beautiful Julie Christie in the role of "Lara". "Lara's Theme" still brings back fond memories of that wonderful time when everything was new in our lives.

As we start our sailing adventure, aboard our beautiful Lara, the name serves as a constant reminder from whence we came.

- June & Greg Starr (#2058)

My wife and I met where she spent summers and I lived, Higgins Lake Michigan. We bought our first boat after I moved to Cleveland, OH...

One Saturday afternoon my wife and I were aboard having a cocktail after an absolutely beautiful day sailing on Lake Erie. The sun was setting over Edgewater Park, other boaters were coming in after a day on the water. We looked around and at nearly the same time commented, "...this is nice, but I miss Higgins..." Well the spark of recognition exploded in my wife's eyes, and I new we had a name for our (not so) new boat!

When I began to get into sailing, about ten years ago, it was a transitional time for me. I was in my mid-forties and thinking it was about time to ease out of the music business and possibly retire. The plan was to give up my seven-piece show band which I both managed and played drums for, and possibly put together a trio just for fun. I'd always wanted to play Latin drums, but since 1960 had been a drumset drummer. So I bought some Latin drums, formed my new band and became a "different kind of drummer". I also bought a sailboat-a San Juan 21-the first "Different Drummer".

My wife Karisa and I were married in Scotland near the Clan MacLachlan Castle on Loch Fyne. Karisa had her hair done in a small town nearby on the day of the wedding. We have always had Celtic names for our boats and liked the name of that town, so we settled on "Dunoon" as the name of our Catalina 36.

- Trevor & Karisa MacLachlan

She needs fair air to sail her by and airfare to pay for her (I'm an airline pilot). A play on words my wife came up with "AirFair" 2002 C-36 MkII 2062 - Laszlo Preysz

We are both fans of mystery writer Martha Grimes. She has written a series of novels all named after pubs in Britain. We have attempted to find these pubs when we visit England. One is named "The Anodyne Necklace". We learned that the word anodyne means a magic elixir or charm that cures what ever ails. A cure for what ails is a good description of our 36. So the name connects our love of England, murder mysteries, and sailing. - Judy and Dennis Thomas

It was a during the stock market / crash of 1997. I was retired and had lost a fortune but decided to go out and buy another boat despite not being able to afford one at the time. After paying cash for a C36, I returned home and poured myself a Martini. (a Bombay Sapphire Martini.) Then a second.. Then a third... Then a forth.... That night I "explored" the entire bottle of Bombay as I contemplated my recent purchase... Hence, The Bombay Explorer. - Mark Balentine