Boat Name

I am a boating cliche. In 1987, I moved aboard a 1986 C 36. Life was grand and I soon met a great lady who loved the boat and moved aboard also....along with our new dog. Not long after, we married & she decided that the boat was a complete waste of money and that she never really like boats in the first place. I used the bad boat market in the early 90's as an excuse to hang on, but she finally sold in 1992. We divorced in 1994 & between that, the real estate crash a few years before and the earthquake, I was wiped out. So I saved my money and in 1999 bought a pristine 1991 C 36.

We have been sailing as a family ( 5 of us) for the last 4 years to adjust for a tragic loss to our family. We used to spend every Sunday visiting with my wife's dad (Lou) and had lots of family fun. Unfortunately he passed much sooner than any of us expected and when that happened a great void in our family activities appeared. We live on Long Island Sound and sailing was calling as a family activity to help fill this void.

Knowing full well that the three women in my life are not as obsessed with boats as I am, I tried to come up with a way that at least two of them would feel honored to have a boat named after them, and possibly participate more. My two daughters are named Sandy and Julie, hence the name Julandra. The other alternative, Sandulie, just didn't sound as good. - Tom Sokoloski (with Admiral Sue's blessings, of course) Julandra #659 Noank, CT