E-mail List

The Catalina 36/375 International Association has provided a 'listserv'-style email list for its members for more than two decades.

While use of our web-based Forums is strongly encouraged, in part because this creates an easily searchable archive of our collective wisdom, some folks still enjoy the directness and familiarity of an e-mail list. Also, the discussions on the list tend to be more free-flowing and colloquial, and there's plenty of room for chit-chat about anything on your mind.

How to subscribe to the e-mail list

To subscribe to the list, please click here to visit the list information page . . .
. . . where you will be able to provide your e-mail address and real name for sending messages to the list, as well as set a password for changing your list settings.

  • You'll get an email asking you to confirm that you want to join the list. Read it and follow the instructions (you either have to hit Reply or click a link in the message ... it's easy!)
  • Then you'll get another message about the "results of your e-mail command" and that your request has been forwarded to a moderator for approval. You can then  delete both the messages you received.
  • The list administrator gets the subscription request, approves it, and bingo, you are subscribed to the list!
  • You'll get one more message with the subject line 'Welcome to the "list" mailing list' -- you should save this message, as it has the instructions for using the mailing list.
  • After you are subscribed you will be able to post your question to the list simply by emailing the list address (which is not published on this page to avoid spam).