Boat Name

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When I got my C36 it was named after the previous owner's niece . . . not a name that meant anything to me. I knew I had to rename her, and began trying to think of a cool name. It was all very contrived and forced, and after a few prototypes, someone on this site advised me to settle down and wait for the name to present itself.

So I peeled off the old name and buffed it out, and waited for inspiration to strike.

After losing my Cheoy Lee 35 to hurricane Sandy, life started to get better. I had a grandaughter born on Christmas morning, so when I got a "new to me" Catalina 36 the following spring, we named it for her birthday.

When we bought our C36, she was named Enterprise (see Kirk Evans below). We wanted a name that reflected the peace and serenity we experience with the world and with each other when we're aboard. We had recently been on a sailing charter to French Polynesia.

Tehani means "my darling" or "sweet caress of flowers" in Tahitian. It is also a name given to Tahitian princesses. ​Tehani was the Tahitian princess that Fletcher Christian married and took to Pitcairn Island in "Mutiny on the Bounty."

2003 36 Mkii Anacapa Isle Marina , Channel Island Harbor, California

Get it? It's a radio hailing joke. Hail me three times. 

Hummina Hummina Hummina. 

Jackie Gleason would be proud. 

We named our boat “Carpe Diem”, which is Latin meaning seize the moment. The rationale for selecting this name was two-fold. The first reason was because my wife and I came to the realization that if we are going to relocate to North Carolina from the Midwest now would be the time to do it; the second was because my wife has a serious life-threatening disease. So to seize the moment we sold our home, moved to North Carolina and bought a bigger Catalina. We have not looked back, we own a wonderful boat and just love living in North Carolina. Glenn Druhot C36 #1965 New Bern, NC 

It has been 24 years that our boat has been named ”Gone With The Wind”. It is a literal translation and had nothing to do with the novel or the movie.

My wife and I were public school music teachers when we purchased new hull #1387 in the Spring of 1994. I being a conductor of wind music (concert bands, wind ensembles, etc.), we thought that the name "Wind Ensemble" was befitting. Retired, we can be found on The St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario during the summer months. Tom and Ginny Lindemann Marcellus, N.Y. Trident Yacht Club, Gananoque, Ontario, Canada.

When most people see or hear our boat name, Soggy Dollar, they say "Oh I get it, it's a boat (gets wet) and you spend all your money on it." Which actually sounds pretty accurate...but not in this case. My husband and I have been to the British Virgin Islands a few times (not nearly enough) and our favorite bar is located in White's Bay on the island of Jost Van Dyke. The name of the bar is "Soggy Dollar". The reason for the name is because there is not a dinghy dock and originally they would not allow you to bring your dinghy on shore because it would ruin the beauty of the beach.