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Re Bed Rigging / Chain Plates

I am resealing my deck hardware, in particular the top of the chain plates where the rigging goes through the deck, I purchased from Catalina direct some new hardware for the top side with a collar around it which holds more sealant. My question is should I be using 3M 4200 or 5200? Thanks so much, Rich


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Definitely not 5200. One would only use that if you never intended to take it apart.  

And rather than a caulk product, I highly recommend butyl tape.  It's so easy to work with and does a fantastic job for years, remaining flexible and sticky. Also, when a job does eventually need to be re-done, it's so easy to remove the old butyl tape, unlike a  caulk product. 

I am glad you got the upgraded plates from CD. Our boat has them installed all around, also, and I am pleased with them. 

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