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Davit Selection


Having just recently purchased our 1998 Catalina 36 MKII we are going to install a davit for our dingy.  Looking for advice from other sailors who have installed and chosen a davit.   Installation is not a concern more choosing a quality davit from a professional and service orientated company.  Although choosing the right company may make the install easier.

 I have been researching on line and have narrowed my search to: Forespar, Garhauer Marine, Kato and Martek.  Do you have experience and recommendations with any of the above.  Or endorse another company?  I have a 10x42 Zodiac with a 6 hp out board approx. 200lbs.  I know I should include some stein rail support.

As an option has anybody installed an arch on a Catalina 36?

Thanks in advance for your input.

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You can search this site and receive a lot of great insight on the subject of davits. We have the heavy duty Garhauer units (installation artice in Mainsheet) and have been happy with an 8ft, 200 lb dinghy/ small engine. I had the boat out in rough conditions yesterday (not by choice)and was pleased on how it handled 6-10ft+ waves/swells on down-wind and broad reaches.  No water contact with the dinghy despit taking a wave or two over the aft quarter. Secure tie down is as important as the davits.  

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Don't have davits, but FWIW, I can only say good things about Garhauer.  Their products seem well made and good value for the money, and I've worked with them in the past to dial-in/customize parts to our specs/needs (see, for example, our upgraded traveler. www.catalina36.org/comment/55992#comment-55992


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