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Newbie Introduction

We take quite a few novice sailors out for the day - to give them a taste of sailing.
As part of this process, I provide them with some background information - to help prepare them for the experience.

Here is the document I give them - let me know if you think I have missed anything (sailing is on enclosed waters - Lake Macquarie).

Cat375 - Rock The Boat - Hull 54
Lake Macquarie - NSW - Australia

PDF icon Rock The Boat.pdf886.26 KB
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Welcome - nice -- you might add something for those who like to venture to the bow and play titanic -- about lines and sails snapping around while tacking -

The wife and I spent two weeks down under in Jan/Feb of this year.  Had a great time,  meet our son in Melbourne and took Great Ocean Road to Adelaide - then flew to Hobart.  Our son is finishing his masters at Australia Maritime College / University of Tasmania  in Naval Architecture.  Looks like you made him a convert - as he is looking at a job someplace just north of Melbourne....

Best Wishes

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