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M25 Cylinder head from Kubota part number

I may have to replace the cylinder head on my M25 engine. As my boat is in Mexico, I want to ensure I'm bringing the correct cylinder head with me when I return to Mexico. Has anyone puchased a Kubota cylinder head for a M25 engine and could confirm the part numer?
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Below is an email from Ronne Bowman from Tractor Smart

I have not sold a D850 cylinder head to anyone that owns a M-25 marine engine.
Every where I look for a head for a D850 it always shows up as Kubota part number 19267-03040.
I do not have any direct cross over information from Kubota to marine engine use.
All my information comes from trial and error from other marine engine owners.

Ronnie Bowman

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I thought the M25 and the M25XP used the same head but I could be wrong. I would defer to Ronnie's info. If they are the same, I purchased a P/N 15532-03040 from Tractor Smart for my M25XP.

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