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Bilge screw holes leaking

Hello all -- 

I'm cleaning my bilge out, and removed the Rule pump I have been using. I unscrewed the screws holding it down and have had leaking from those holes. Just a few drops, but persistent. I think it would be 1 or 2 cups or so over 24 hours. It can't be leak from outside -- the boat is on the hard. Is it reasonable to plug these up with 5200 or epoxy? I don't know where the water is coming from. 

Thanks for any help.

Peter L

Peter Lundquist
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Are you saying that the water is rising up counter-gravity through the holes from the area of your keel.  Have you checked the torque on the keel bolts, do you have a severe catalina smile?

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Peter, did you ever find out where the water was coming from? That is what I would want to know. Do you have large blisters on the bottom that could be seeping to the screw hole? Did the leaking ever stop. I would not seal the hole with water seeping out.


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Hi guys
The leak stopped. Still not sure what was going on. After it stopped i filled the holes with 5200. Hope I’m not ignoring something important.

Thanks all

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