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Transmission Oil Level

My appologies-I did look at the posts and cant find what I need.  Darn it, I know I have seen it somewhere.
1) should the dip stick measure for tranny oil be measured with the dip stick screwed in or not screwed in.  (I think I saw conflicting information on one of the posts).
2)  What happens if you have a little extra oil in the transmission case, say 1/2 " above the correct way of measuring (need answer to question #1 before I know correct level).  

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The manual says check with the dipstuck NOT screwed in.
Can't answer #2, but given the answer to #1, you are probably OK.

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Agreed, do NOT screw in the dipstick, measure with it bottomed out and NOT screwed in.  Here is a copy of the Hurth manual, see 3.2.  From what I have been told, having too much fluid can be as bad as not having enough.  It's easy enough to suck it out (get a Mighty Vac from amazon) and add fresh ATF to the correct level (.35L).  In my efforts to get my tranny more reliable I swapped the fluid out 4 times this summer, with reliability improving each "rinse".  


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