Screech Free Companionway update

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Screech Free Companionway update

I have plenty of strips available if you have the horrid hatch screech.  Below is a past post that explains the solution!

Screeching Companion Way Hatch?  Many years back Graham Mackay posted a solution to a screeching companionway hatch sliding against the cabin top.  I followed his instructions to the letter and it solved my problem.
 New problem is I needed to buy a huge sheet of plastic 48" x 92" to get (2) 1"x 72" x 1/16.  So needless to say I have the ability to make a lot of strips.  If you have a screeching hatch  $15.00 paid to paypal will deliver a set of pre cut strips to your door.  These really work they install in minutes with no removal or alteration to the hatch assembly.  Please include your mailing address and email address.  (link is external)  Questions? email me at holzie at gmail dot com. (link is external)

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