Pendant Rubbing on Rail

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Pendant Rubbing on Rail

I'm on a mooring all summer and my pendants rub on the toe rail as they go over the side of the boat to the point that the gel coat has worn down. I built it up with fresh gel but wondered if anyone has  a good solution of something to attached where the lines go over the side that would prevent this but also look professional.... not just a piece of aluminum screwed to the toe rail.

Chafing gear wont help this as it would still rub on the rail.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Here's a thought. Get a small sheet of thin guage stainless steel. Make a template from cardboard. Cut the stainless to shape- grind or sand the edges smooth and form it over the toe rail. Fasten with flat head, countersunk screws, or attach it with 3M 5200. The stainless could probably be purchased from McMaster Car, a local fab shop or maybe hardware store. You wouldn't need much. Make sure it's long enough that it covers the full range of line motion. 

We also heep our boat on a mooring but have never had the line abradethe ajacent deck area. Our toe rail ends a couple feet before the bow cleats and the bow cleats are mounted close enough to the edge of the deck, that we don't experience chafing.

You might also consider mounting the cleats further inboard/aft the anchor locker and adding line chocks.

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