New owner of an old forum friend

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New owner of an old forum friend

Hello all.  Last January I bought my 2001 MkII in north palm beach florida.  I grew up sailing the chesapeake but it had been decades since I last owned a sailboat.  I have wanted to get back into it for years, and with a recent retirement, now seemed like the time.   

While I am new to this forum and Catalina boats, my boat, Carpe Diem, has a long history with this association.  I was able to find 31 pages of forum posts by her former owner of a decade ago.  The information I have read here has been invaluable in helping me understand her history and modifications, not to mention the hints and suggestions about our boats in general.   Most people aren't lucky enough to get nearly as in depth a history as I was able to reconstruct from all the posts I found here, and I am loving it.

So far I am really enjoying  the boat.  The hull and rigging are in excellent shape, having recently had an awful lot of updating.  The systems and interior need a bit more loving care, but that is an area I excel in, having built my own camper from scratch once just on a whim.  I look forward to bringing her back to her days of full glory.

Just wanted to introduce myself and let folks know the boat is returning home to the forum.  Later I will describe the baptism by fire she decided to test me with the first trip out.   


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Welcome!  I am glad you found a great C36 and this forum. I highly doubt you will ever have regrets on either one. 

Fair winds!

Dale and Nikki

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This is a really cool post.  The PO was probably the biggest factor in why I purchased Wind Dancer once I spent a year plus figuring out that Catalina 36 Mark II was right for my situation. 

1996 Catalina 36 MKII Hull 1550

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