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Microwave solution - found, kind of....

Unplanned time off with no pay or unemployment options, I decided to get some boat stuff figured out. 

We have a 2005 with 4 upper cabinet doors that did not come with a microwave. I didn't want to cut any wood, but we did want a microwave now that we have LiFePO4 batteries. 

My 'solution' was to remove the cabinet face frame, install the microwave, and replace the frame. There are 8 screws under wood plugs that attach vertically into the deck, the two screws where the microwave is located were not replaced, and I'll leave the wood plugs out to make future removal easier. The face frame was glued to the lower shelf, but poped right off without issue.

The microwave is a Danby designer from amazon. It's the usual 10.2" height that they only seem to make now.

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Wow!  Nice job!


Kevin Lenard
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Great job!  Looks "built in".  Unemployment is great for boat projects!  

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My Microwave is dead and with time on my hands I'm looking at a replacement.  I was thinking of replacing mine with a :small" Convection Oven or Air Fryer.  Has any ont thought of this.  Any Ideas

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We went with a convection microwave.  The smallest I could find was about 1.0 cubic feet.  I use the microwave alot at sea (frozen night burritos).  The convection oven I only use in the slip, but it saves alot on propane.

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