Light #1 Jib

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Light #1 Jib

Good Afternoon 36'ers
​I am considering going for the county racing points title next year and we have light air (less than 10kts) hear in the Santa Barbara Channel about 50% of the time. My new 155% furling jib does great in just about everything over 10kts, all the way up to about 18-20 before we have to start rolling things in.Making Maverick go in the light stuff is really a bear. 
Does anyone out there change up their headsail when the wind gets light? I already have a drifter that I use in the 0-3kt range to get the boat going.
 I am thinking a light #1 (150%) for anything under 10kts then switching up when the wind builds.
After 2-3 years with the same guys I have a what I consider a crack crew so changing up head sails for my guys is no biggie.
thanks for the input
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