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Paul Revere
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Keel bolt location

Does anyone have a diagram with the location of all the keel bolts? I dont want to miss any, and I can't find any posts that mention how many there even are. The Catalina smile is starting to develop(thankfully the crack is just in the paint) so I need to retorque the bolts.

A tool list of what I need would be helpful too. Besides the torque wrench and and socket, are there any extensions or U joints that are required?

I requested the loner deep socket from the toolbox. How long does that usually take to get sent out. the boat is splashing on the 16th.

Thanks for all your help!

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Paul, if you have not yet searched for your model's manual on this site's archives and downloaded it, you should.  Most answers to questions like this are in it along with all diagrams for wiring, plumbing, etc.

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On the MKII all the keel bolts are visible/accessable accept for the two most forward- the teak sole must be removed. Verify, but I believe Catalina specifies 105 ft-pounds of torque. My C 30 had the smile. Some of the bolts, I had to torque by feel becuase of limited access. Quite frankly, I never was able to find a permanent smile fix except for maybe my the last three years of a 20 year ownership,  I filled it with epoxy (an annual ritual) and then and applied several layers of glass and epoxy over the smile, followed by fairing. That lasted three years. Don't know what the next owner's experience was.

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