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About 5 years ago I changed my carrier to Merkel due to their reasonable pricing.  Well they have gotten bad.  Their premium for next year is just below $2,000 which I find exorbitant for a New England boat that is only in the water 5 months out of the year.  Any body know of a decent company with more reasonable rates?

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I have Liberty Mutual for my insurance combined with my auto and home believe it is around $600/year for the boat.

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I had the same experience with Merkel and ended up going with GEICO though I don't have the annual cost handy. All ourt other insurance (car, home) is with USAA which farms our boats out to Merkel so I couldn't bundle.

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Try State Farm...they have been great for over 12 years and multiple boats. (Tho I am on the west coast of USA.)

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We have been with BoatUS/Geico for 20 years. With a stated value of $75000, our premium is about $1400. It just went up $200 after Hurricane Ian. They provide great coverage and covered $30,000 in damages without any question.

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We pay $681.00 per year using State Farm.

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At Progressive, our coverage cost $600. However, it's crucial to consider the following factors:

1. The base value rating of your boat.
2. Bodily Injury coverage, ideally falling within the range of 500k to 1 million, in my opinion.
3. Property Damage Liability, ideally ranging from 300k to 1 million. This covers scenarios like sinking, cleanup, or collisions with the fuel dock resulting in marina damage.
4. Comprehensive coverage is optional but essential if your boat is newer. Picture arriving at your mooring only to see your VHF antenna peeking out of the water. Opting out of this coverage can significantly reduce your premium. It's important to note that points 1 through 3 cover most scenarios, excluding the cost of your boat and personal property.

Understanding these factors will better inform your coverage decisions and ensure comprehensive protection.

Ed Dewsnap
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We pay $691/year from State Farm. Our home and cars are bundled. I think I set the boat value around $85K.

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