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How to remove lewmar fixed portlight?

The aft, starboard side portlight has leaked during heavy rain. I would like to take the window out myself, then maybe hire the yard to rebed and reinstall.

Does anyone have a link to instructions on removing this? I can't seem to find written instructions or a video. Hoping someone can steer me in the right directing with tips or a step by step description of the process.



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Leaky portlights, sounds familiar. I bought a gasket kit from Catalina Direct for my MKI, and it had the exact parts that I needed. I don't know if your portlights are different. If you'd like, I can scan the instructions that came with it, and send them to you.

To remove the window with the aluminum frame, I removed all the screws from the inside, and removed the inside frame. Then, I used a wood chisel to pry the outside frame away from the coaming. I pried it a little, and inserted a shim next to the chisel. Then I removed the chisel and did the same steps an inch or so away. I kept doing this, pretty much all the way around the window. You might have to go around more than once using thicker shims. Like starting with popsickle sticks, then up to a paint stirring stick, etc. Eventually you sense that satisfying "pop" that says it's finally free.

Hope this helps.

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I just replaced the gasket and re-bedded the opening port light on my 2003 C36. Your leak may very well be that the frame needs to be re-bedded with butyl tape. First thing you need to know is what port model you have, so you can order the correct gasket.  If you do need to replace the sealing gasket, the whole frame will need removed and that’s fairly easy but the gasket can be a bear. I have been thinking about doing a write up on it.


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Not sure if you have the split frame variety, but here is a link from someone else on the forum on how to redo that style.  I would add also that I used Debond Marine Formula to get the lens out of my main overhead hatch, and found that it did a really good job of loosening the silicone sealant.

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