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Galley Cabinet Shelves

Not sure if this has been published here. I have found there was a lot of wasted space in the galley cabinets. So, this is what I came up with. Pretty simple. The walls were thick enough to get enough depth to get the hardware to fit. Be careful you don't drill to deep. I marked my drill  bit depth with tape. Also, don't use 1/4" Kingboard as it will  sag. I used 1/2" Kingboard. Hope you find this helpful.

2003 Catalina 36

2003 Catalina 36
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That looks really nice! I also love the fold down doors. Was this standard on your boat? I have an older Mk1 and I don't have these.  When we are sailing hard we tend to lose the plates onto the floor! It is tempting to add these on!

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Nice project, and a good idea to add free storage a over the lower level.  I think that I'll do this to some cabinets myself, but I think I'll use plywood rather than Starboard to avoid the sagging.

The Mk II had the fold-down cabinets, but the Mk 1 did not .  It's a great improvement, and allows you to buy china coffee mugs rather than plastic!

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