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Deadrise on 1988 Catalina 36 MKI

Does anyone know the Deadrise on 1988 Catalina 36 MKI?

I am replacing the original Raymarine Sonar, Speed and Temp Transducers with current Raymarine Transducers. I am told by Raymarine they need to know the Dead Rise of the hull to direct me to the correct Tranducers models for my 1988 Catalina 36 MKI.

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I would think it would vary depending on where on the boat you plan on placing the transducer.  Up in the bow where one of my transducers is is probably about 15-20 degrees - the one aft under the sink is less - maybe 5-10 degrees.   Get a cheap angle finder at harbor freight and measure how much "V" there is where you want to place the transducer. 
I have the
Raymarine (airmar) tripple transducer up in the bow just forward of and below the drawer faces.  I put the ITC-5 in the forward starboard settee.   I replaced an older speed only transducer, so I didn't put the new thru-hull in (yet), 

I get between 1-2 pints of water when pulling it for cleaning, with the flap you'll get less if you use the thru-hull with the internal flapper valve.  Scary the first time to see that big hole in the bottom of the boat with the water coming in.

Be sure and pull the transducer before getting your boat hauled -- 50/50 chance they will break it with the straps if not.  Going back in they can see the paddlewheel so will usually avoid it - but I leave the blanking plug in to be on the safe side.


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Thanks for the explanation. I too have the original Transducers in the V-Berth just behind the cabinet drawers. I am familiar with taking out the Transducers for cleaning and bottom paint. Since they all stopped working 5 years ago I pulled the Transducers out and placed plugs in their place.

I recently purchased a Raymarine ES78 MFD (E70265-NAG). Raymarine support said I have to use a CPT-S or CPT-110/120 and must be run back to the MFD. Since I replaced the Wind Wind Speed and Angle Transducer I had to purchase the ITC-5 to connect it to the SeaTalk-NG backbone.

I like the idea of the Raymarine DownVision with the CPT-120 (I prefer bronze) but the install seems ideal to have been done at the time of bottom paint which just did in December.

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