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kerry boden
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Are we missing out

I was wondering if it my imagination or not with regard to the number of posts: are they diminishing, or are they going to facebook or some other forum.

I only use the website and would not like to think that ,us older generation who do use social media, may be missing out.

would appreciate feedback.


Kerry Boden

Kerry Boden


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Hi Kerry, 

I do think that there is a large number of users who are leveraging the Facebook group. At present there are something upwards of 740 members of the Catalina 36IA Facebook group. 

There is definitely a split of audience and users of those who prefer forums and those who prefer social media. 

I think one thing that we need to reiterate regularly on the FB account is the benefit of the Catalina36 forums. While they can ask and receive information quickly on the FB group, the ability to store files, reference materials and search is not at all there...So prior questions are buried in the news feed. That is one of the distinct advantages of the forum. Forums are for some, sort of older technology...but they definitely have their place and provide a very helpful and necessary advantage over just basic social media accounts such as facebook.

I will reach out ot Steven and make mention of the need to continually encourage joining and becoming active in the forum as well.


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I agree Cyndi. I never view FB mainly due to annoying unrelated ads I have to avoid. I was opposed to FB account even before it was opened.

True Wind
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It will be a cold day in Hates when I use the C36 FB page. 


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I am on both this forum and the FB group page regularly.  I would say that the FB page is far more active than this forum, for better or worse.  However, it seems that the content on the FB page leans more toward photos - boats, boaters, and scenic views - and not so much of the technical content that you would find here.  There is SOME, but not much.  I still think that the two can coexist for the time being.  Facebook is good at the visual stuff that these forums are typically not good at, and these forums are really good at long discussion threads and technical exchanges, which Facebook is not good at.  I think that for the C36 owners that are interested in maintaining and improving their own boats, this forum will continue to be the primary resource for information.  FB is awesome if you want to see 30 seconds of video of a Catalina bounding along in Puget Sound, but it's not the place to go to learn about Racor fuel filter setups in your C36.  My two cents.

True Wind
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The problem with FB in general is that people often get caught up with their own biases and opinions and that just ends up with unwise things being presented or said including not so wise reactions by others. The C36 page isn't any different. The people running that page govern the sight based on their biases and conditioned responses. They aren't voted into managing the page. This forum has a wealth of knowledge that the C36 page will never have.

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Sadly, human nature being what it is, inevitably much of what was being posted here in the past has moved to FB, and its shareholders and advertisers are very happy about it.  The reasons why are simple:

  1. No second step for signing in.
  2. People are already on FB every day.
  3. The tiny extra burst of brain stimulation we get from seeing a myriad of other interesting tidbits of information/news/entertainment right below/above the C36 posts is too much for us to say no to. 
  4. It is just a bit easier/more straightforward to add a post than it is here (go to forums, open new thread, create title, text, scroll down to SAVE).

That being said, personally I am trying to use this site instead of FB for questions.

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Hi Kerry,
Thanks for your posting. In response to your request for feedback:
I am the C36/375 IA Facebook group administrator. I was asked by the C36/375IA Board of Directors to start our Facebook page two years ago, with the mission and vision of generating new C36/375 (both new and renewed memberships), and to provide a choice of an alternate venue of member interaction in keeping with more modern trends of communication, namely via social media. 

Our specific goal is to provide our International Association members two different online methods of keeping in touch:
1) Via our incredible Catalina36.org website, and 
2) via our now two-year-old Facebook group.
Each venue has its strengths and weaknesses. 
Many of our IA members use both venues, some choose to use one.  Either way, both serve our needs well as a way of members sharing with members.

I suggest our searchable website forums have been, and continue to be, the best method to access technical knowledge specific to our boats. Its vast repository of technical posts over the years is indisputable as the C36 (and to some degree the C375) storehouse of knowledge. I access these forums often. And on the other hand, it certainly appears our Facebook presence is a better venue in a social aspect (sharing destinations, voyages, anchorages, photos, videos, experiences, etc.).  This is not to say the Facebook group does not share technical issues; there are many posts with numerous photos /videos.  By the way, contrary to other posts on our forums regarding Facebook, our Facebook group is completely and instantly searchable, right from any page you happen to be viewing.  As a search example, if I input the (incorrectly spelled) search term "Oberdorpher", instantly appears a page showing with 17 original posts, each with multiple comments, photos, links for the correctly spelled Oberdorfer” name.

Our Facebook group is now two years old this week.  We have grown steadily to 750 members from 23 countries. New Facebook group applicants (its a private group btw, requiring approval to join) are encouraged to join our International Association and utilize our website. Many of our International Association newer members are a result of our Facebook effort. 

As an example of our Facebook participation, during the months of July and August 2019, we had::
• 374 new posts. A daily average of 6.2
• 2566 comments to posts. Daily avg. 43
• 5630 total views. Daily avg. 94

Did you know that one of our members crossed the Atlantic this year aboard his C375?  Group member Ivan Lopez's multiple posts from, for example, Spain, Gibraltar, and the Azores, were a fascinating read.
Many of our Mainsheet cover photos are sourced from member's sailing photos posted on Facebook.
We often include "Tech Tuesday" column, a "Friday Forum" post highlighting a selected website forum topic (in an effort to advertise our website to our audience), and a "Maintenance Monday" post.

I am happy to answer any questions.
Steven Jones, C36 Mk II #2164 original owner, IA member since 2003
Seal Beach CA
PS: I see you hail from Hobard, Tasmania, Australia.  Our Facebook membership by country places Australia as third with 18 members, exceeded only by Canada's 65 and the USA membership of 605!  There are three from NZ.



True Wind
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I joined the C36/375 FB group then decided it wasn't my cup of tea.  It suffers from the same problems most of the FB groups do. 

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