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Anyone have a Spring Commissioning Checklist?

Second spring with the boat, last year was done mostly by the previous owner.  Wondering if anyone has a checklist they use for commissioning their boat in the spring.  I used Rich Lemieux's checklist for winterizing, worked great! I'm hoping someone has something simliar for bringing it all back to life again.  Thanks!


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Here's our  Commission check-list; as they say, YMMV.   For example, we only haul ever 3d winter, so the items vary depending on whether its been in the water all winter (in which case, for example, since we tighten the stuffing box in the fall so that it has no drips as the bilge pumps are switched off, we need to remember to loosen it in the spring)  or on the hard (in which case, we're gonna do a bottom paint job and put a coat of grease on the prop to slow down the barnacle growth).  We change the oil and oil filter as part of the winter layup, so don't need to repeat in the spring.  Usually disassemble and regrease the winches in the fall, but if not that becomes part of spring commissioning as well.   Since the transmission is supposed to filled up as part of the layup, we usually just pump it all out and refill to the correct level in the spring.

Adjust engine valves
align engine 3 1/8" from mount bottom to engine bed
bottom paint
change air filter on engine
change engine antifreeze
change fuel filters: Dahl 101-W, Racor 12S
check /replace anodes on prop 
Check Exhaust vacuum breaker
check for leaks
check hoses
check hump hose
check starter wire
clean deck
clean hull 
clean inside
Compound and Wax hull
flares /smoke signals (check)
Flush water tanks
fuel pump screen (NAPA 610-1086)
Grease prop
lossen packing on prop shaft
lower transmission oil (Dextron II or III,m ATF A)
lube seacocks 
lube steering
open fuel line
Replace anodes on engine
replace water filter
rig biminini/dodger
rig sails
tune mast


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Thanks Matt. Very comprehensive.  You're able to stay in the water year-round in eastern long island?  Very cool.  Very cold too.... 

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    A fair number of boaters do so in these parts.  Our regular marina kicks everyone out of the slips at the end of November, but I found a small marina nearby that offers "wet layup" for the winter at a very good price ($900) from November through mid-April.  The water rarely freezes, and when it is likely to they switch on marine de-icers (basically underwater electric propellers that agitate the water) to keep the ice from setting.   We've found in our area our bottom paint (West PCA Gold -- a relabeled version of Petit Ultima SR-40, I think) will make it through 3 sailing seasons (although by the end of the 3d it starts to get a fair amount of slime, but still no barnacles), so we don't haul every year, or even every other year.  Makes recommissioning and getting out on the water so much easier in the spring, and without having to wait for all the other boats parked in the yard between you and the water to be launched! 
   There are a couple of annual below-the-waterline tasks that of course are a little harder if the boat isn't hauled:  I wait until the water warms up and then dive to change the zinc on the prop shaft (yes, its entirely do-able with practice and good lungs); as for lubricating the seacocks, Marlube makes an applicator that can reach the ball of the sea-cock from above once you pull off the hose.  The top-sides waxing is more problematic, of course, so we skip it until the next haul-out... 

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