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An invitation to Maine Catalina owners

An invitation to Maine Catalina owners We have been sailing for over 30 years in South Florida with cruises to the Bahamas, Key West, the Upper Keys and Biscayne Bay in Miami. Our winter home is in Palm Beach County Florida where we keep our 2009 Catalina 375 sailboat at our home dock . For two of these winter months ( between January and April) we take our boat the Lila Jean to our Coconut Grove Sailing Club (CGSC.org) mooring right on Biscayne Bay in Miami where we are members of the Club. We particularly love to sail Biscayne Bay and the Upper Keys in the winter because they are so protected which allows for planned sailing when it is simply too rough on the outside. Biscayne Bay is truly one of the best winter sailing bays in the world. In addition Coconut Grove has great restaurants and hotels, all walking distance to our mooring. We also have a summer home in Bridgton Maine where we come for the summer months (July through late October). We love to visit the Maine Coast and would love to sail Casco and Penobscot Bays. Thus we are looking to meet Maine Catalina owners who might be interested in doing a reciprocal joint sailing arrangement where they would take us sailing for a summer week (or day sailing) in Maine and we would take them sailing on the Lila Jean for a winter week (or day sailing) on Biscayne Bay. Of course any such an arrangement would require similar sailboats and compatible personalities. We are in our mid 60s, semi retired and have very flexible schedules. You can reach us by e-mail at tennyson@gate.net. Thank you for your consideration to this invitation. Rod and Elizabeth Tennyson