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Mark Van Buren
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The Great Loop

Hi, My name is Mark, and I have recently purchased my first Catalina.  She is a 1988, 36 footer.  I live in Northern Mi.  and would really like to sail/motor her down the loop to fla. for the winter. She has a fin keel that draws  5'11".  Is that too munch draw?  Has any one else recently made this voyage? .Is the best time to go in the Fall?  Thank you!   Mark and Val on S/V Tranquility.

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Congratulations on your new boat and welcome to the forum. You'll find a wealth of info on your boat here  as well as some helping hands.
On the 'great loop' There are several here that have done it and the answer to your question is ; yea, it depends ! You should really investigate the Seven Seas Cruising Association and the 'Loop Society'( I forget there exact name but someone will chime in within a few minutes and fill you in on the details)
Check; http://www.greatloop.org/
With your deeper draft, you'll have to pay more attention to your route planning but it is possible. There are various resources available here on the web discussing local conditions and you'll have to look at depths at your eventual destination. It usually takes quite a bit of research to pull off that trip . I'd suggest reading the logs of those who have done it and think about what is possible for you.

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