Engine Room Insulation - SR1000

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Engine Room Insulation - SR1000

I need to replace my engine room sound proofing...  it's coming apart.  When I was shopping around I came across this:  https://www.silentcoating.com/sr1000/
It's a paint on sound and heat shield, which according to the manufacturer, is more effective than "traditional methods", and I assume would be a more or less permanent applcation.
It's sold by the major marine distributors.  So, it all sounds wonderful, except, I haven't found anyone who has used it on any other boater forums.  Nothing in our archives here either.
So... thought I'd see if maybe one of you had used it, or perhaps know someone who has...


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I know use of this kind of material including glued metal plates in a certain pattern for modifying the own frequency of the hull construction of yachts for reduction of vibrations in a certain frequency range, especially in the stern-sections where the propeller is causing vibrations and also near bow-thrusters.
This all based on results of noise and vibration analyses done by specialists. 
For proper sound-proofing you have to know which kind of vibrations / frequencies of the noise you want to reduce and which appropiate kind of material has to be used. It should be always a mix between absortion material (foam) and weight (integrated soft metal)

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I used a peel-and-stick system of soundproofing tile, from these folks: www.sailorssolutions.com/?page=ProductDetails&Item=SPM01
They are 1' (.3m) squares, that peel and stick and can be cut to size.  The seams sealed with metal foil tape.
Definitely helped, although not as much as I had hoped.   A adhesive eventually failed on couple of the tiles that I installed over the exhaust riser; apparently the heat did it in and they needed some sort of mechanical fastening.

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