Met Along the Way

New C36IA Members Mike and Sandy Wilson are fairly new to boating, having learned to sail in the past year. It won’t surprise you therefore to learn that they are new to the Catalina 36, and new to Pacific Northwest waters as well. So when I found out that their C36 Mk II, S/V Malu Lani, was being shipped from California to Portland, Oregon, I offered to assist them on their first voyage from the yard to Malu Lani’s new home in St Helens, about 30 miles down the Columbia River.

We met Wind Walker, a Catalina 36 Mk I, which was enroute from Portland, Oregon to Puget Sound with a delivery crew. Had a nice bottle of wine and key lime pie (turned out to be a good combination) on board High Flight, chatting with the delivery gang.

Tranquility. What an appropriate name for a sailboat sailing on behalf of breast cancer patients!

Like other C36 owners sometimes do, Sandy Bes, owner of S/V Tranquility, donated a cruise on her boat as an auction item to support a charitable organization. Generosity of this kind wins a thousand or more dollars for the charity, and is an unselfish way to leverage a love for sailing into help for others. With her guests, Sandy was sailing off the auction prize when she was met on a neighboring buoy at Blake Island.

Ralph Heingardner and Marcia Gowing, owners of s/v Lirella, a 1996 Mk II, hull # 1565, are photographed as they dock at Gig Harbor, WA. Both were wearing their PFDs, a sure sign that the docking procedure would turn out to be professional. It’s a pleasure to watch good close-quarter boat handling.

George Meredith, owner of s/v Caranda, stands proudly beside his boat and his dogs. Based in Seattle, he and his wife often volunteer during the high demand boating season to help marshall marina traffic at Tilicum Village, on Blake Island in central Puget Sound.

Helmut and Delores Kellerman have owned Felicity, hull # 2112, since new in 2002, and were met recently while visiting Olympia, Washington. They were in the Capitol City getting together with long-time friends.