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Emails from Website

Every so often I get an email with a couple of messages from  postings on the website with something about them being new postings. Since I get only a few, its obvious not all postings are forwarded thru email.

I was wondering if anyone else gets these and why a select few? Since I check the website frequently, I'd just as soon as not get them at all.

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I think we all get them. It seems like they are batched, and that within each batch, there is at least one email/link on a subject that I have commented on. So, I interpret this website function as a way to stay current on the topics I've provided input into.

Just my obeservation on how the sight might be programed. 

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Agree.  If it's a post that you have commented on, you will get an email notification forever onward when someone else replies to that same comment, even if it's a year later..

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As others have indicated you are automatically subscribed to notifications for threads in which you have posted.
You can change this, view all your subscriptions and change the settings for them, as well as unsubscribe from a particular thread, or all threads, via the 'Subscriptions' tab in your account page, reached with the 'My Account' menu button.


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