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Where to find motor mounts for 1983 Catalina

I have a 1983 Catalina 36 and I am looking to install new motor mounts.  I think the motor is an M21 and am wondering if the motor mounts are interchangeable between lets say an M19 versus an M21.  Any idea where I can purchase motor mounts? 

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I think I would start with Catalina Direct or Catalina themselves to at least identify the mount you need.  Several members have used Vetus mounts with good luck too. There are several posts about engine mounts so a search here would help also.


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My boat is in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and very hard to find parts when needed.  Thank you...

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Vetus K75’s have been used with good results.  K50’s were reported as too soft.  I’ve got Bushings inc 2205-2 on my M25.   You should be able to get either one from almost any good chandlery.  Fisheries Supply Cary both and I’d assume Jamestown and Defender would as well



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