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Water presesure floods bilge

Hi all, 

Just bought the boat (1987) in october and then had it on the hard right away.  I filled the water tanks this spring and when I went to turn on the water pressure on the instrument panel, the bilge floods and the sink remains bone dry.  I feel that there must be a hose disconnected, but I don't know where to look.  I looked in the owners manual and it was less than helpful.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.  

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To start it appears the leak is on the pressure side. This means you have a hose leak or a disconnected line from the pump or a fixture at the Galley sink or the head. Pump should be under seatee on portside. Check there 1st as PO may have just left loose when winterizing. Also in same vicinity is hot water tank and that may be where the water comes. There is a valve at bottom which may be open to drain the hot water tank. Just for starters.


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Welcome to boat ownership -- you are going to have to get dirty and do some crawling around in tight spaces...  Open all the settee covers over the fuel tank and port side to expose the hot water tank and pump, maybe take out the drawer under the sink and the two small drawers and open all that up, then turn on the pump and see which hose or connection is off or has frozen and broken.  Might be the inside aluminum hot water tank that has corroded through and has to be replaced as was our case with our '91 (understandable after some 26 years).  No great mystery once it's all open.


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Thanks guys!.  The hot water heater was drained to winterize and the cap was off!  You guys rock!  Thanks for taking the time to help with suggestions.  I appreciate it. 

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