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Raytheon radar dome

I have the original Raytheon radar dome on my mast.  My screen is burnt out.  My question, can a new screen be mounted on my navpod and adapted to the Raytheon dome wiring?  If not any suggestions on a new but not bank breaking way to go.  Reason this came up I was out on SF Bay a couple of days ago and for the first time got caught in low fog with about 50 yards visibility for 360 degrees.  On the Bay you rarely use radar.  But when you need it you really need it.  My old Garmin GPS handheld got me back to Sausalito.  Fortunately it was a slow traffic day.  Thanks for the advice. Bill Reitz.  1995 Catalina 36 Mk2 Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Bill and Carla Reitz C-36 MK-2 1995 W/K Kind of Blue #1427 Sausalito Ca