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Pat T
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New deep cycle batteries

I want to be pro active and maybe get some new batteries. I bought new batteries years ago, at least 8 and it may be time to replace by next season anyway. Have you purchaced any of these monsters lately? Just wondered about the specs and cost and where purchased? Any info helpful. I did a quick search of an Interstate SRM 4D which is 1314 CCA and it retails for $293. I called up Firestone (which is where I got them years ago)  and they tell me they don't carry them anymore.
Yes, I read about the golf cart batteries but I am going to stick with the old style.

Pat T, 1995 TR, wing keel, #1388
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Pat T, 1995 TR, wing keel, #1388
"Liberty Call"
Burnham Harbor, Chicago
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You should rethink the battery choice. I switched from the big, awkward Interstates to 4 Trojan 105 Plus 6 volt batteries 8 years ago. Great durability and performance. Just replaced them.

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Lead acid batteries require regular maintenance. Checking fluid levels every month and checking specific gravity with a hydrometer. It's getting time to replace my Trojan T-105's. I'll be replacing them with another set of T-105's. If they wern't so hard to get I'd use T-125's.

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Pat T
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Just back from my boat and I checked the batteries. Turns out these are in fact the Interstate SRM 4D. I find out this is my 10th season! Just add a little distilled water a couple of times a year. They are not dead yet and I only have 4 weeks more to last. I am not going to take the chance on next year though. I found a distributor and the price is as listed just over $300 with taxes. Good enough for me.

Pat T, 1995 TR, wing keel, #1388
"Liberty Call"
Burnham Harbor, Chicago
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I do mostly day sailing, and rarely run the refrig without the engine running. All the lights have been changed out to LED. 3 Years ago, I replaced the 4D, 11 year old lead acid West Marine deep cycle house batteries ($350 each), with two 4DL's from Tractor Supply ($139 each). If I was big into cruising, I may have gone with something more robust, but so far so good for our kind of sailing. Also important was weight. The 4DL's from Tractor Supply are maybe 20 pounds lighter-making a big difference in getting them trhough the cockpit into the cabin. If I get 5-6 years, I'll be happy.  


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In the almost 30 years Eureka has been with me, I had diferen brands, from original acid, Vetus (acid) Victron (agm) and recently Rolls (agm) without excitation, Rolls are by far the best of what I have used onboard. At least in Spain Rolls batteries have similar prices as other AGM brands -they are extensively used on solar panel installations- so better find a solar panel supplier.

In the Mediterranean the  boat is permanent in commission, with fridge electronics, etc...we have a 3 *120 ah as house bank and 1 110ah for the engine. 

The electric switch board, allows to use the house bank to start the engine, if the engine battery fails and viceversa.

Just a thought


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I just replaced two 4Ds and my starter battery after 9 years of hard use. They are truly maintenance free. All I did was look at them a couple times a year. They were so good I decided to get the same ones.They are Powerstride PSH 4D and have 1375 CA. You can go to their website. They were delivered to my door in three days. Not cheap but good. Since they were the same ones there were no “fit” issues.

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