MPPT Control Box and wiring for solar panels

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MPPT Control Box and wiring for solar panels


I have 1998 36MKII Catalina and installing solar panels on the davit. I can build and install the frames run the wires in parallel below.  I plan to run them down the starboard side towards the batteries and electrical panel.  Not being an electrician I'm unsure as to set up the wiring.  The instructions state to install a shut off switch on the positive line before the control and  add a fuse between the controller and batteries.  I have no more room on electrical panel.  I was thinking to place the controller and on off switch and fuse on the starboard bulkhead next to the nav table.  Using a Blue Sea Double-Pole Toggle Circuit Breaker panel.  Connecting the positive line from the panels to a toggle switch. Run the line from the switch to the control than run the line back to new circuit breaker panel with a fuse then on the batteries.    I was thinking the controller panel inside the aft birth, with the new circuit breaker panel and the remote monitor facing the nav table. 

Wanted some advice on that configuration? And the positioning of the controller.  Thanks for any advice. 

Louie P
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FWIW, we mounted the controllers under the nav table.  See this post:
They are out of cabin sightlines, but easily accessible.
Output from controllers goes to the output posts on the adjacent battery charger (there is an inline fuse visible in the positive cable between the positive bus bar and the battery charger), which then feed the house bank. 
We don't have a shutoff between the panels and the controllers, but if need be (and there never is) I just unplug the panel quick-connects at the panels.  
Make sure to size the cables sufficiently for voltage drop.

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We installed the All in One panels from Solbian. Regulator is included in the panel so just plug the cables to the bank batteries. We run the cables under the wood until the end of it and then down through the counter mold till batteries bank.

Just a thought.

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