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Maxwell RC 8-8 Windlass

I know there are ALOT of threads on the subject but has anyone installed a Maxwell RC 8-8 on their boat and if so any issues with how it performed.  Or for that matter any Maxwell windlass.  Any info would be appreciated.

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Mine requires a bit of back and forth at the transition from chain rode. I've got a dead foot switch, but those aren't much. The cockpit switch is nice. I'm not sure how the PO treated it, but she didn't treat anything else very well, so that could be why I'm seeing issues. 

When it's working correctly, it's awesome. 

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I installed a Maxwell Freedom 800 last year and there is a link and pictures in this thread from October => https://www.catalina36.org/forum/technical-discussion/possible-install-windlass-warping-drum-capstan-anchor-locker

There is also a link to a technical article where someone installed a windlass on a Mark I.   I have pictures of my installation, but have not written it up yet.

Hope this helps,

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I am about to install a new Maxwell RC8-8 on my c36 MK1.  I'll let you all know how it goes. 

Any tips would be appreciated.

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The instruction manual says not to over-wrap the chain/rode, i.e. to NOT orient the windlass slightly to starboard.  It shows the windlass oriented directly fore and aft, with the anchor directly over the center of the bow, which of course, is impossible on a sailboat.

However, it does NOT say that I can't orient it slightly to port.  If I do that, then a port anchor roller would be in perfect alignment, but a second starboard anchor roller's chain/rope would be slightly under-wrapped around the windlass.  I wonder if that would slip or not.  I'm thinking not, since horizontal windlasses under-wrap much more severely, i.e. only about 90 degrees, whereas with this setup we are looking at a perfect 180 degrees on one roller and almost 180 degrees on the other.

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I am thinking of doing just that. If I mount to port of centreline it will be aligned perfectly with the port replacement roller I am going to use AND I leave the centerline free for mounting a chainplate to accomodate a removable forestay which I want to fit after reinforcing the bulkhead.

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