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Mast conduit or Steaming light PHOTOS

Hi I'm looking for Mast conduit or Steaming lights PHOTOS. I am going to rerun my noisy radar cable with the mast up. PO owner has it going into the side of the mast and not into the conduit. I'll have to pull most of the wires in order to fit the 3/4" connector. What size is that conduit on a MK1? It looks like 1" or 1 1/4" OD. Anyone have a photo of the TOP of the mast conduit with the mast head off. There is a good photo from Tom I belive of the bottom of his mast on a MK2. I drilled out the 4 rivets on the stainless halyard exit plate near the boom and got a good look inside the 1" x 3" hole there. I'll include a photot of that.    I've replaced 7 of my 8 shrouds/stays with the mast up- so I'm not going to pull the mast after all that so far. I added 4 mast steps up top so it's actually pretty comfortable to work up there for an hour or so.

For some reason the photo keeps inserting upside down.



Simpler Times
1989 C-36 MK I #1004
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Simpler Times
1989 C-36 MK I #1004
Redondo Beach, Calif.
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Tad. I assume there is a hole somewhere up the mast where the radar cable exits and I assume it’s to the side of the conduit that houses the lights and maybe even a vhf cable. Not sure how easy it’s going to be hanging from the mast trying to drill a hole sideways or at an angle into that conduit.  That hole is going to need to need to be big and just a FYI, as any cable gets older it gets stiffer. I’d recommend getting some cable pulling lubricant and a fifth of your favorite pain killer to lessen the pain. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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Here is the one photo I have from the top of the mast inside looking down.  As I recall, the bolt tube in the photo is for the upper shroud tang so the conduit stops about a foot(?) below the top.  The exterior photo for reference.

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