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I have to change out my mascerator while the boat is in the water on my 1990 C36 which I believe to be the original unit. Are there any problems I should be concered with before, during or after the change out?

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1990 Std WK M35 Hull #1050

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Shouldn't be  (I've removed once to repair it while in the water).  Just make sure you've had your holding tank pumped empty (otherwise it could be a rather messy experience).


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On my list for the winter-period when I have our Siler back in my man-cave.... for the moment the dipers are absorbing the leaks and the shit and it is going well.
I plan to reroute the piping to have the discharge-line to run above the waterline with an airator fitted, back to the overboard. It is a stupid way how the hoses are running from the original. If by coincidence of hitting the switch on the panel and you have the pump running with closed valve, the seals are blowing out and the shit hits the fan. 
Also rerouting of the hoses for the head are in the schedule...
Sad enough all is installed already since the newbuilt not according the instructions, which are actually basic shipbuilding / engineering standards.

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You might consider a whale sewage pump rather than the maserator. Only jokers and diaphragms in contact with sewage so no seals to go bad.   


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I changed mine out a few years ago. It'a a direct and easy replacement. Hopefully your tank is empty
 Let me know if you need a hand.

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I have the same job ahead of me when I get back to our Southern Boat. Thankfully, its out of the water and the holding tank was pumped before we left.

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