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Mark 1 Fuel Vent Fuel/Air Seperator

"Tranquilty" 1992 Mk 1.5 #1176

Blocked fuel vent line.  Discovered a Racor Fuel/Air seperator about of a foot aft of the transom mounted vent trying to find the problem.  Almost for certain the cause of the fuel in the vent line, and the mini loop it created.  Nothing could flow out and nothing could flow back to the tank.

I have yet to discover if this was orginal equipment or from a PO.

Also, if we want to put in a new one if it doesn't make more sense to cut it into the vent line just under the deck before the hose turns and heads aft?

Previous forum posts nibble around the some of these issues but fail to mention any fuel air seperator and are 10 and 8 years old.

J Wm Skawski
1992 Wing

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This is not stock.  The only racor should be between the fuel tank and fuel lift pump. 


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Hi John,

I install the Racor LG100 in 2012 and it has work flawlessly since.  The primary function is to keep fuel that might build up in the vent line from flowing overboard and creating at fuel spill.  Prior to that I used a Davis device called ​No-Spill (#376).  It worked but was a pain to use.  It is no longer available.  Your unit was installed by the previous owner.  If properly installed, it needs to be oriented in a vertical position just forward of the fuel vent exit location in the Port side of the lazarette.  The fuel enters from the bottom.
Hope this clairifies things.

Lou Bruska
1985 C-36 Mk 1 Hull #495

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