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LPG Regulator Replacement

LPG Regulator Replacement:
The search here has not produced any results regarding replacing the regulator.
On mine a corner of it is eaten away by salt water, I am trying to replace it.
I have many photos here with meausrements. ​http://mei1970.org/saillavie/c36Album/index.php?page=2
Have you replaced yours. It is supposed to be replaced in 20 years even with no apperent visible problem.
I have located several suitable regulator that includes the guage, but it will not fit the limited space that I have.
Trident Marine glues the pressure guage threads so they can not be removed and reoriented.

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I had no problem replacing it. Took the faulty regulator to Defender and they matched what needed matching.  Didn't look the same but worked exactly the same.  Thought sizes are standardized.

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They are standard parts.  Nothing special

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UPDATE: LPG regulator installation.
After much search I located the regulator that I was looking for at go2marine.com, 800 998-9508
The regulator is Dickinson, Low Pressure Regulator part no 78177 for $ 15.69. I also ordered the Tank Fitting part no 318548 for $ 18.10. It included an elbow that I did not use. Instead I baught an elbow from Home Depot for $ 4.85 and teflon tape for $ 2.95.
The installation took about an hour.
The problem was that there was not much room to work in, but it all went together fine.
I pressure tested using dish washing soap and a brush.
I learned that the regulator must always be above the liquid in the tank. If the liquid propane pours out of the tank and ends up in the regulator, the regulator will be damaged.
You can find full images HERE


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