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Lose of anti freeze

This has been a ongoing problem for appproximately 2 years. The anti freeze in the oveflow tank slowly goes down. I have checked the hose to the tank and the anti freeze in the engine is full and no anti freeze in the bilge under the engine. I am now suspecting the heat exchanger because I tried to install a new zink and it is hitting something hard just inside the he. Am I on the right track? Your thoughts

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I had a leak betweent the raw water side and the antifreeze side of my heat exchanger.  It happens.  You will not see a leak anywere in the engine compartment.  The antifreeze just goes overboard.  I removed the heat exchanger and cleaned it.  Then I coated it in soapy water and blew compressed air into the opposite end while looking for bubbled.  I found them, so I bought a new heat exchanger.  Since Catalina Direct was backed up a couple of weeks due to COVID, I plugged that tube from both sides with some self-amalgamating mastic rubber tape and put it back together.  I still have the new one sitting in a box, but plugging that tube solved the problem.  I don't recommend that solution, but I was in a bind and it worked.  

Good Luck!

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Be aware that many of the pencil zincs that are sold are a little too long for the heat exchangers on our boat.   I've found I need to saw a little off the end before installing. 

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