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Lifting slings

Does anyone know the suggested width of lifting slings for haul out of the Catalina 36.


Michael Hamblett
S/V Firefly #1847
2000 C36 TM,FK,M35B

Michael Hamblett
S/V Firefly #1847
2000 C36 TM,FK,M35B
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I can't answer that, but I will share another comment. I recomend placing towels or other fabric- taped to the hull (from water line up) where the lifting straps will be placed when the boat is being picked up for a  launch. The sling is typlically dropped to the ground as they position it for your boat. When on the ground, especially if it's wet from previous launches, it will pick up gravel and dirt and press that against the hull as they take up slack- making for nice scratches on the boot stripe and hull. It's generally not a problem when retrieving you from the water, but is when launching from the yard. Good boat yards will use pads between the hull and sling strap. My experience is most don't.

From memory, I'm guessing that the local yards around here use slings/straps that are maybe 12" wide.


Paul & Wendy Keyser
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