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Help Please...Need Photos

Hi all,

We are restoring a 1993 Catalina 36 MKll that we have purchased from an estate.
The PO had removed everything from the interior except for cabinets.

We have placed the engine (Universal M-35) but are unsure as to the location of most of the engine hoses and routing, and also the wiring terminal block that resides in the engine compartment.

If anyone could send some pictures of the engine compartment we would much appreciate it.

Fair winds!


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Neis, I hope that you've taken advantage of the tech resources on this site to download the manuals for the vessel and the motor.  With our '91 MK 1.5 it took some time to figure out that the engine was an M-35 ZERO -- in other words NOT an "A" or a "B" version.  You are likely to have the same version, but they could have switched it up by '93.

NOTE that the C36's manufactured between '90 and '94 were the so-called MK 1.5 versions, NOT the MK II which only came out in '95.

I can't find any recent engine pics, but here's one from the inspection.

I can send you the M35 parts list and manual, plus the MK I C36 manual if you cannot find them, just send me an email address.  I also have a helpful parts list for the cheaper Kubota tractor engine parts and NAPA parts that I got from this site.


Kevin Lenard
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 I'll would happy to foward you some pictures of the engine configuration on my late 1990 Catalina.
We have the M-35 ( Zero) not a 'A' or 'B' model as a power plant. Our hull number is # 1041
If you would idenify the hull number*, of your boat that would be helpful.
Also, if you need additional pictures of the interior, please tell me what you need.
Nels, my personal email address is W2CWL@COMCAST.NET 
Please send me your personal email address as the picture posting portion of our message board is not currently functioning. 

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I hope these pictures will help.
My boat is a 1993 model 1 1/2 35A
Hull number 1252

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Bill Matley
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As far as the terminal block, the attached wiring schematic may be helpful.  I found this a while back somewhere on this site (or maybe the C34 site).  Should be helpful.

Don Lincoln
"Nancy Lynn"
1993 Catalina MK1.5, Hull 1238
LaSalle, MI (Lake Erie)
Universal M-35AC
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Thank you all for the pictures.  These are exactly what I need.
Plumbing the engine begins Friday...Cheers!

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