auto pilot seatalk faiure

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auto pilot seatalk faiure

I bought my 1984 Catalina 36 MKI a few years back. This is my first shot a boat ownership.
To my surprise no upgrades had been performed. I did the alternator bracket upgrade in 2020. I have the wiring harness kit and will install that in the near future. I have been catching up on all kinds of overlooked maintenance as well.

I have ST 60+ a tridata display, a ST60+ wind display and a ST4500+ Raymarine autohelm.

I have been battling this seatalk failure issue since I bought the bought the boat. The speed log has not displayed any speed either. Last year I disconnected the speed (tridata unit) to the to wind display and the seatalk failure message went away and the system worked well enough to use the autopilot. This year the tridata diplay does not work at all unless all the seatalk  cables are plugged in. Once the cables are all connected, the autohelm displays the seatalk failure message. The thruhull for the speed log was recently changed before I bought the boat. All the wiring back to wheel seems to be in good shape.

Any Ideas as to what could be a problem and even where to start looking?

Love my boat but she's not worth a fortune of new electronics, unless truly needed. Just hoping to find a cost effective way to get this fixed.

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If you don't have the manuals, try googling your manufacturer model number, i.e. "Raymarine ST60 trouble shooting". They have some pretty good diagnostic, trouble shooting info on their web site. Raymarine also has a customer service technical group. 

Our boat is a 2005 and we have Raymarine electronics (ST60 series). So far, we've had to replace the mast head wind speed/direction transducer,  pedestal wind speed gauge and the speed/temp transducer. They've all failed at different times. 

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Thank you for bringing up this matter. I must confess that your description of the lack of upgrades looks similar to mine on a MK1 from 1993. I am still with the original Autohelm ST 4000 installation and I have no problem with that except the replacement of the mast head wind indicator unit. 
 My problem comes from the Garmin GPS Map 292 which does not display my position to to the NASA Marine DSC VHF. Same as for the chart table Autohelm GPS repetitor; The DSC display can show 999 999 or 000...
Does anyone know how to get those two to talk to each other i.e. reinitiate the function?
Possibly getting help from the Raymarine guys as it is suggested?
Thank you.



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