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Attaching Ice Box Lid Insulation Container

Over the summer, I noticed the ice box lid insulation containers (https://www.catalinadirect.com/shop-by-boat/catalina-42/interior/ice-box...) were starting to separate from the lid, with most of the screws stripped out and missing. The containers were filled with foam, "glued" and screwed to the lid ... I assume by the factory or possibly a previous owner. Its taken a while to scrape all the old material off and clean it up. I'm guessing the white "glue" was silicone but am not sure. Next step is to fill and re-drill the holes again. Then re-attach the insulation containers.  Wondering if I should use silicone (again?) or try something like 4200 or Life-Calk? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

In addition, I'm realizing the relatively large separation (3/16") that exists where the hinge is, between the two lid halves. The hinge fills most of this but there is still a significant gap.  Has anyone tried to seal this off? 

Jeff Everett, "Chinook"
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Jeff; That separation on the ice box lid seems to be a common problem as I think the insulating foam continues to expand over time. I'd just fill it in with Life Caulk or a similar product and attached the inner liner as best you can. I don't think I'd worry about the separation between the inner foam piece and the ice box top too much as long as the top still fits snugly on the top of the ice box. Other wise you would have to cut out the excess foam from the top and that could be a messy job. I'd suggest just filling it and screwing back together. You might want to use some type of insulating tape or weather striping around the edges of the top to obtain a better air seal.

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What  Bill said.
The chief difficulty is finding something that adheres to the box plastic; silone is a poor choice.  Maybe some thickened epoxy?
On ours, the corners where the screws went in began to fail, and eventually we just bought new boxes, filled with exanding insulating foam, and reattached.  You can use thin foam weatherstripping where needed for a closer fit at the hinge seams.


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