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1995 Catalina MKII Engine

I have a 1995 MKII and I know the engine is a Universal M-35, but I need to know the exact Model Catalina was putting out in 1995 for their Diesels.

I am buying a spare parts kit and need to know the exact model. The boat is in Florixda and I am in Texas and the Surveyor could not find the serial number....

Anyone know the exact model of their 1995 Catalina MKII Universal?

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You might want to call Catalina, 818 884-7700, and give them your hull number. They can probably pull the factory sheet on the boat and tell you exactly what went in.

They should also be able to tell you if anything major was ever ordered for the boat, ie new rudder, as well as tell you what the boat was ordered with when it was built.

Just my thoughts...


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My 1995 with Hull 1469 has a Universal M35 A C HBW model number listed on the serial number plate.


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Our 1995 Mark II hull #1451 has engine marked M 35 AC 100 if that's any help. A call to Catalina might be the best answer.

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Thanks for all of the replies....I got the Serial number of the Motor: 880841-ck007. What I am trying to do is order a Spare Parts kit and the M-35AC is not listed on Westerbekes website, but the M-35 is...

Are these synamonous? In other words if I order the M-35 Spare Parts Kit A it will work on the M-35AC?


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Really. Many parts are much less expensive at a Kubota tractor dealer. See rpely #6, here: [url]http://c34.org/bbs/index.php/topic,3133.0.html[/url]


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Thanks Guys. I found an answer from Westerbeke on the Universal Motor for my 1995 Catalina 36 MKII. The exact Make/Model is Universal M-35AC.

The thing is if you try to order a Spare Parts Kit, it does not exist for this motor. You have to order the M-35 Spare Parts Kit.

Spare Parts Kit “A” is part number #256913

Thanks for all of the replies....

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My understanding is that the last character 'C' refers to Catalina. Perhaps the M-35A was sold for several purposes, but the M-35AC identifies it as a Catalina engine. If that implies any difference, I am unaware.


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