Using a Ratcheting block to deploy and retreve roller furling sail

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Bob Serotini
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Using a Ratcheting block to deploy and retreve roller furling sail

If  anyone on the list is using a ratcheting block to control rolling in and out their roller furling head sail I would be interested in learning how your system is set up, specific parts, and how it is working for you. any reply will be appreciated.
Bob Serotini
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The only blocks I have on the furling are the stanchion mounted  1" .  You can slow it down on the way out by taking a half wrap on the cleat - It should be fairly easy to furl - its easiest to head down wind and blanket the jib with the main. 


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I'm looking at one of the SB-25C Garhauer Stanchion Blocks
 for the furler line

Best, Greg

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Sorry - no ratchet block, but on my previous boat I used a cam cleat to quickly set the furler at intermediate settings or to lock it in the fully furled position.  Our 89 36 has a winch near the helm that I use to get one wrap on to control letting the sail out in high winds, but I never have to use it to furl.  Having a Cam cleat would allow you to furl the sail part way and quickly lock it down.

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On our previous boat we had a small Harken ratcheting block that was quite helpful for furling. For unfurling we put a couple of wraps on a winch. It was a much bigger sail and we had secondary winches so not a proble.

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