Jib Sheet Attachment

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Mark Gadson
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Jib Sheet Attachment

I just purchased new jib sheet line and was wondering if anyone has used a soft attachment method (as seen in the attached photos) to attach a single jib sheet vs two to the sail.  Would appreciate any thoughts, guidance or advise.  Thanks!

Mark and Karen Gadson
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Mark - I could not understand how the attachment is designed to work.
I use two sheets. Each has a bowline knot through the jib cringle.

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If you race, I guess it could make a sail change easier.  As a cruiser, It looks very prone to coming apart - at the worst possible moment.

A couple of bowlines are certain.

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Looking at the pictures it does seem reasonable and it is something that has been tried. I too would have concern about the tail coming loose when there is no load and flailing. Just a thought, why not do the loop and run the two tails through. It certainly would reduce the size of the knot and possibly being struck with it. My only concern would be that it would tighten under the loads and perhaps be difficult to undo, I suspect that is why the bowline is preferred.

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Why not one continuous line simply attached at the middle with a cow hitch

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Mark Gadson
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Thanks everybody for your thoughts and input!  I agree that this soft attachment method may be unreliable in certain conditions.  Since my first post, I did find another attachment method used by many sailors known as a Butterfly Hitch.  This is basically a Butterfly Knot tied as a hitch-type knot.  It allows for a non-slipping loop which attaches to the sail and can withstand heavy loads independently on each separate line.  I think I will give it a try this Spring.  Here is a YouTube video that shows how to tie the knot.


Let me know if anybody has used this jib sheet attachment method or has any thoughts.


Mark and Karen Gadson
St Michaels, MD
1995 Catalina 36 Mk II (Hull 1458) - Tall Rig; Wing Keel; M35
​Home Port:  St Michaels, MD
Boat Name: Magnolia

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Catboat Willy
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On our boat, we rotate the jib sheet lines every year, that is to say, that the forward end (attached to the jib) is reversed and placed on the aft end toward the winch. This is done to reduce having the line wear in the same area and lengthens the life of the line. The self tailing winches seem to wear the line in the same area of the line and most likely weaken it over time. Using a butterfly hitch would not allow you to rotate the jib sheets.
Just a  thought.

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We switched to the same set-up as Enrique described.  Worked great last summer.

Chuck Huber
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If you want to stay with the continuous sheet I can say that we have used a very similar attachment - a Larks head knot - to hold ours.  Exactly like the Cow Hitch mentioned above - just tied a little differently. Pass the centered loop through the clue - then pass both sheets through the loop, tighten and you're done. No slippage, easy to tie, easy to release and passes over the shrouds easily when tacking. Have done it that way since 2009 with no issues.

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I have used a Larks head knot to hold our jib sheet for 7 years (clew has to be large enough to get the loop through).  Has worked well and also on our previous boat. 
Gary  hull#405


Gary Steeves
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